WorkStory is dedicated to teaching you how to ROCK your personal brand! Tanya Goodall Smith’s education and expertise working with international, local and personal brands puts her in the right position to help you build a brand you love. If you’re ready to be consistently sought after by the very best clients, you’re in the right place!

Teaching Series:

Three Critical Components of a Powerful Personal Brand

Three Critical Components of a Powerful Personal Brand

You know you need a brand strategy but are you wondering where in the world to start? I recommend you start with three critical components to get started on the right path to a powerful personal brand. Those components are: Communication, Visual Elements, Consistency. In this video series I’ll give you an overview of these three concepts, why they’re important and how you can start…

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Developing Your Brand’s Visual Elements

Today, in video #2 we talk about my favorite part of branding, Visual Elements! There are so many ways to get creative with the visual elements of your brand. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options. In this video I give you three easy places to start, so watch it and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.

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Case Study: Using Photographs to Boost Your Personal Brand Visibility

Today I want to share with you a case study example of one of my clients and how she used professional photography and visual elements to massively increase her visibility and recognizability online and in her local community. In this video you’ll meet Jolene and see how she leveraged her personal brand to start booking national speaking opportunities and…

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Consistency: Like Money in the Bank for Your Brand

Are you ready for the last video in this series? We’ve covered communications, visual elements and now we’ll talk about the often overlooked key to personal branding success, which is consistency. Consistency can make or break your brand, no matter how amazing your company may be. Consistency in your branding is the path to recognizability over time.

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Rock Your Brand:

Expert Advice to help you succeed

How Does Brand Strategy Help You Attract Your Ideal Client?

So, you’ve got your brand and ideal client defined and you know you need a brand strategy, but how do you know which tactics to employ and whether or not they are right for your brand? This comes largely from experience, expertise and (honestly) trial and error. If you have no experience or expertise in this area, hiring someone to help is the best way to save yourself a lot of money, time and frustration.

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What is a Brand Strategy & Why Do I Need One?

Once you’ve defined your personal brand, attracting your ideal client who values your product or service will become much easier, but it will take some strategic actions on your part. This is where a brand strategy comes in handy. What’s a Brand Strategy? A brand strategy is simply a plan for positioning you and your brand in front of your target market in order to ensure the brand’s success.

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The Importance of Defining Your Personal Brand

When you walked into your high school for the first time did you look around at all the little clicky groups of kids and say to yourself, “I want to be one of the (insert stereotypical group here) kids”? If you did, more power to you. Most of us seem to go through life just living according to our circumstance, instead of consciously choosing what we want and then going after it and making it happen.

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Personal Branding: The Fastest Way to Find Your Tribe

In my last post we talked about personal branding and why you should care about yours. In short, personal branding is your reputation and by putting a little effort into shaping yours you can dramatically affect the type of people you’re attracting into your life and your business. So, how do you use personal branding to find your tribe, your high school lunch table, so to speak?

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What is a Personal Brand and Why Should You Care?

Personal Branding has become somewhat of a buzz phrase lately. Are you seeing it all over the place and asking yourself, “What is personal branding? Do I need a personal brand?” The truth is, if you’re a human being, you already have a personal brand. It’s just a fancy word for your reputation. The cool thing is, there are specific things you can do to mold and shape it to your advantage.

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Who is Tanya Goodall Smith?


With two decades of development and design experience for brands like HP, GUESS and Microsoft, Tanya Smith is on a mission to bring a sophisticated marketing edge to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and personal brands.

Owner of WorkStory, Tanya is a Branding Expert who works with organizations and individuals nationwide who want to massively increase their visibility in a crowded marketplace and be consistently sought after by the very best clients. Authentic story telling through photography, video and simple but powerful communications is her forté.

Tanya is on the board of the Inland Northwest Chapter of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners), honored as an award winning package designer by the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors and a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. She is also a highly sought after published author, speaker and teacher, credited with over 100 industry magazine articles, podcast interviews and in-person speaking engagements.

Brands Tanya has worked with...

Hallmarks of a Powerful Personal Brand

Branding isn’t just for business anymore, in fact, a personal brand may have more of an impact on business and career than ever before. Tanya details the tried and true techniques big brands use for creating recognizability and how to use them to strategically build a powerful personal brand.

Get the 5 Hallmarks of a Powerful Personal Brand

How to Stand Out in a Sea of Cookie Cutter Content

Authenticity in advertising is all the rage but are you creating content that truly stands out? How do you know where to draw the line between a buttoned up facade and messy “dirty laundry?” Tanya teaches tips for creating unique content that strategically communicates to your target audience for building an authentic brand image.

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“I wanted to communicate the uniqueness of both my personality and the kind of work that I do in photos. Not only did Tanya capture what I wanted to convey, but she made me look amazing, too!”

Kevin Benson

Bold Move Consulting

“Tanya’s presentation inspired me with so many ideas for branding my business. She shared in a genuine and personal way and had great visuals, which made for an enthusiastic meeting with valuable takeaways.”

Julie Saucier

Group Coordinators, Inc.

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