Story Based Brand Makeovers

For Service Businesses Who Want to Scale


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Captivate Ideal Clients with Magnetic Visual Storytelling 


Don't delay your launch or miss out on a minute of business growth. We work fast to create your brand, website and visual assets.

Ditch your DIY website, generic logo and blurry selfies that take hours to create (seriously!) and let WorkStory Creative™ help you craft a brand image that looks legit.

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Beautiful Brands, Dramatic Results


Not only will your brand look amazing, it will be backed by a branding strategy that gets results. Click on the thumbnails below to see examples of how we've transformed the brand images of some of our favorite clients.


The WorkStory Creative™
Branding Process


The traditional branding agency model has a long drawn out process for creating your brand, website and visual assets, which may delay the launch and growth of your business by months (or even a year!)

The WorkStory Creative™ branding process is different. After an initial BrandStorm™ Strategy session, the creative ground work for your entire brand is done before meeting up for a one to two-day intensive to finalize everything and launch! So you can start selling and growing now.

What are you waiting for? If it’s time to elevate your brand and authentically show your story, let’s get together!

Serving the Spokane, Washington and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho areas and beyond.




Building a brand without a strategy is like constructing a house without a foundation. It might look pretty but it will crumble quickly. I help you with strategy and design.


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Elevate your brand image with professional-quality, storytelling photos and videos that are strategically designed to help SELL your service, product or influence.


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Get the help you need with marketing strategy and accountability with a course or one-on-one mentoring so you can book more clients and make more money!


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Meet Tanya

Tanya Goodall Smith is highly sought-after branding strategist and owner of WorkStory Creative.

She’s worked with hundreds of Personal and International brands, including GUESS, HP, Microsoft, Harper Collins, Gary John Bishop, Jody Moore and The Life Coach School, to develop and improve their brand assets.

Now she does the same for personal brands and micro service businesses.


Get to Know Me

Erin Peterson

Social Media Influencer
Spokane Guild

“My business increased 300% after hiring WorkStory. I wanted someone who would capture my personality in a flattering, attention getting  way. Tanya totally delivered. I'll use these photos for a long time."

Marisa Ala

Estate Lawyer
The Ala Firm

"Tanya is such a pleasure to work with. Her initial BrandStorm helped me solidify my business goals and provided clarity in my message. She gave my brand the edge that it needed to attract clients who value my service."

Cindy Esch

Certified Life Coach
Spark Mindset Coaching

"When I revealed my new brand everybody loved it! The whole look beautifully captures the nature of my business and has been successful in attracting my ideal clients. The investment has totally paid off!”

Tyeanna Johnson

Spokane Home Sitting

“WorkStory helped us modernize our brand and bring new life into an old company. The rebrand helped us increase profit, look professional and attract ideal clients. We’re proud of our new name, logo and other materials Tanya designed.


Since working with Tanya I've had a dramatic increase in booking clients that value my specialized service.

Leslie Blevins
Child Psychologist

Enilda Clinic

Case Studies & Branding Tips

Branding for Dancing Dimples Children's Clothing Boutique

Mar 05, 2023

Branding for Madison's on Eighty Third, Bellevue Boutique

Mar 05, 2023

100 Ways to Build Your Business

With Custom Photography

Custom photography is the most versatile and valuable brand asset you could have. You’ll get a massive return on your investment in branding photography if you use your photos in just a few ways listed in this free resource.

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