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Branding for travel agent

Amy Kimsey, owner of Healthy Adventures, has been a travel agent for years. She specializes in group travel with a focus on experiencing authentic and healthy meals and adventurous activities around the globe. 

After years in business Amy was ready to upgrade her brand with a more simple and modern logo and custom branding photography for her website and social media.


Logo Design

Here's a look at an after / before of the Healthy Adventures logo. The old logo was difficult to apply to printed and embroidered swag, too busy and looked outdated. Amy wanted something more simple and "travel stamp" inspired.

The logo design process starts with a BrandStorm™ strategy session where we discuss your offer, target audience, brand positioning, how you want to be perceived and more. I go through a series of design iterations before we arrive at a final choice. Below are a few examples of logo options I presented to Amy.


Branding Photography

We planned an extensive photography session to showcase the various travel locations Amy promotes as well as plenty of photos to use for building her personal brand. Her photos are used on her website, pinterest, blog and social media. Below are a select few photos from her photography session, which we did at her house.




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