Branding for Madison's on Eighty Third, Bellevue Boutique

branding branding portfolio case studies Mar 05, 2023
Signage including the logo design for Madison's on Eighty Third in Bellevue, WA

Madison's On Eighty Third was a women's clothing boutique in Bellevue, WA. I was commissioned to design the logo by the owner Carol. Unfortunately Carol was diagnosed with cancer and eventually had to close the boutique when she was too ill to continue. In memory of Carol, who was a dear friend of my mom, and because it's a favorite logo in my portfolio, I wanted to share it here.

Madison's was in a high end shopping area in Bellevue, which is a very posh city on the shore of Lake Washington, just east of Seattle. Carol wanted to communicate a causal but high end beachy vibe. Her customer had fine taste but liked to feel comfortable. She had extra money and leisure time to spend and liked to purchase unique finds. 


My background and education are actually rooted in the fashion industry. I studied Graphic Design at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and have designed dozens of brands, signage and graphics for boutiques around the world when I was a freelancer years ago.


We chose black and white for the logo to keep it simple and classy. It's ok to just have one color for your branding! 


Small details are important when it comes to a high end offering like a boutique. Tags, promotional flyers, direct mail postcards, print ads, signage, bags, billboards and more are physical branded items you'll need for a brick and mortar location. The file formats for these will differ from what you need for online usage only. Since I'm a little old school, I understand the printing process and can help you make sure your printed assets will turn out correctly.


If you're in the Seattle area, did you ever shop at Madison's? 

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