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branding for virtual assistant

Tessa Swensen knew she needed a professional looking brand when launching her virtual assistant business if successful businesses were going to take her seriously. After her BrandStorm™ session we determined she needed a...

  • Logo design
  • Style guide & social media design templates
  • Facebook business page instead of a website to start
  • Thank you card
  • Branding photography
  • Services one-sheet


Logo Design

Tessa has a background and education in health and fitness so she wanted to offer virtual assistant services to people in that industry. We created several iterations of designs to present to her. The above design spoke to her immediately. After choosing the design we tried a variety of colors designed to attract her ideal client.

Below are some examples of the other designs I presented to her. Any one of them would have worked for her business. She chose her favorite.

During your branding intensive session, we guide you to choose a design you love. Don't post it on facebook for crowdsourcing or ask your mom who doesn't know anything about your business. We defined your target audience, keywords and "vibe" in your BrandStorm™ and design based on that brief. Now you get to choose the one you like based on your gut feeling.

Brand Style Guide

I always include a brand style guide with logo design. This defines some "rules" to maintain consistency within all your brand and marketing assets. Depending on your business, the style guide may include compatible fonts, brand colors, usage rules for your logo, photographic style guidelines and graphic design guidelines.


Note Card Design

I advised Tessa to utilize building and maintaining customer relationships as an important part of the marketing strategy for her business. I included a custom note card design in her WorkStory package so she could send hand written notes to clients and referral partners.


Facebook Business Page

We decided Tessa didn't need the expense of a website during her startup phase. Her goal was to book a handful of clients, which she was able to do within a few weeks of launching utilizing my social media network connections (an added bonus of working with me!) Having a professionally designed Facebook page, including a professional photo, is crucial for making a good first impression, whether you have a website or not.


Branding Photography

I recommend every service business and personal brand have professional photography beyond just a headshot. For Tessa we staged scenes of he working plus a variety of environmental portraits that communicate her friendly and approachable nature. I advised her on what to wear, including her brand colors so they'll work in all of her marketing and branding materials.

One-sheet & Social Media Graphics

Tessa was able to use the elements from her style to create her own services one-sheet and social media graphics in Canva. With the style and brand defined, she can now create anything for herself or pass on to a vendor and maintain brand consistency.


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