Build a Brand
that Stands Out

The WorkStory Creative™ Difference


The traditional branding agency model has a long drawn out process for creating your brand, website and visual assets, which may delay the launch and growth of your business by months (or even a year!)

Our unique process is different. We only take on one client at a time, making you and your brand our only priority. We do the creative groundwork for your entire brand before meeting up for a one to two-day intensive to finalize everything and launch! So you can start selling and growing now.

It all starts with a WorkStory BrandStorm™

Start with a WorkStory BrandStorm™

The Foundation of Your Brand


Building a brand without a strategy is like building a house without a foundation. It might look pretty but it will crumble quickly.


Whether you need storytelling photos and videos that pre-sell your services for an existing brand, or a total brand overhaul, the entire process starts with the WorkStory BrandStorm™.

During this in-depth analysis we talk about what's working in your business, what isn't working and your dreams and goals for the future. 
Then I create an customized branding strategy for your business that may include...
  • Clarity on what to offer, how to offer it and how much to charge for it 
  • Defined target market
  • Brand identity recommendations
  • Messaging keywords, concepts and ideas
  • Recommended website map
  • Marketing recommendations
  • How to show and tell your authentic story so you can effortlessly sell to your ideal clients
  • A detailed outline of the cost for me to implement the plan
The WorkStory BrandStorm™ Strategy Session is a prerequisite for any branding package. 
Book a 15-minute call with me to see if we're a good fit to work together.
The cost of the BrandStorm™ ($750) is applied to your branding package.
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Your WorkStory Creative™ Branding Package 


Your Brand Assets 


Now that you have a brand foundation, it's time to design a visual identity that speaks to your target audience and clearly communicates how you help them.

Click on the photos below to see case study examples of my work.



After your BrandStorm™ Strategy Session we'll determine together which branding package is best for you. Your package will be custom designed based on your needs, but may look something like this:


Celebrity Brand


Massive Growth

Celebrity treatment and pro assets for massive growth

This package may include a logo design and style guide, website, copywriting, personal style consultation and WorkStory Photoshoot, a Storytelling Video series, social media design templates, marketing implementation or online course creation.

*Minus cost of the BrandStorm™ 

Amplified Brand


The Next Level

Pro level branding to take your business to the next level

This package may include a logo design and style guide, website design, copywriting, personal style consultation, Brand Basics Photoshoot and social media templates.

*Minus cost of the BrandStorm™

Basic Brand


Start-up or Refresh

Take your DIY brand from hot mess to hot-ness

This package could include a logo design or basic photoshoot, style guide, landing page, copywriting, or whatever you need to get started or refresh your brand.

*Minus cost of the BrandStorm™


Every branding package starts with a BrandStorm™

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Branding Photography & Video 

Photography and Video may be included in your branding package but I also offer them a-la-cart

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