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branding photography case studies messaging video website design Oct 30, 2021

Marisa Ala is an estate attorney and owner of The Ala Firm. She had moved to a new city during the Covid 19 pandemic and was having a hard time getting new clients because of lack of networking opportunities. 

She turned her attention to online marketing, including Google. People were finding her on google but she noticed many of them weren't willing to spend for her services, even though her fees are not high for her industry.

During her WorkStory BrandStorm™ session I noticed that her website was outdated and not designed to attract people who would value her service and be able to pay for it. Price shoppers were contacting her because her website looked cheap.

After her WorkStory BrandStorm™ we determined she needed the following...

  • Brand strategy
  • Key messaging, tagline and website copy
  • Branding photography
  • Storytelling video
  • Website redesign
  • Social media design templates
  • Simple marketing strategy including blogging, monthly emails and networking

Website Redesign

You can see The Ala Firm's entire brand makeover elements, including copy writing, photos, video and design, come together on their website at Take a look at the before and after below. Such a huge difference! 

In the old design, it's unclear what Marisa does and who she helps. We don't know what makes her services special and valuable. In the new design our goal was to foster a sense of trust, showcase her most profitable and valuable service (estate planning), communicate who the service is for and guide the viewer through the process so there's no confusion.


Marisa needed words designed to speak to her ideal client. After her BrandStorm™ I used everything we discovered through the process to write her tagline "Leave a Legacy, Peacefully" and all the text for her website and the script for her video. The language on her site is casual, just like how she shows up with her clients, but also professional and friendly.


Video Production

I recommend every personal brand and micro service business have a storytelling video front and center on their website. This video communicates right away with your target audience. Not only does it tell them how you solve their problem, but it gives them an opportunity to get to know you. Hear your voice, see your smile and service in action. Video is a powerful marketing tool something every business should be using.

We live in an amazing time for video because what used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars can now be produced in just a few thousand. And the return on investment is immeasurable.

See the video I created for The Ala Firm at the top of this page for an example of what I could do for you.

Branding Photography

Marisa is so vibrant and friendly, we wanted to show that off on her website and social media. She typically meets with clients in their homes so it was important to give people a glimpse of what it would be like and let them know she is trustworthy, kind and not stuffy.

I created a library of photography for her to use in her branding and marketing for years to come. The photo and video shoot took place at a client's home, who graciously agreed to be models as well. Below are select photos from her photoshoot. We created storytelling photos to illustrate her services on the website and headshots to use for her personal brand as well.



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