Branding Photography & Video for Enilda Clinic

branding photography case studies video Nov 01, 2021

Leslie Blevens is a child psychologist and owner of Enilda Clinic in Spokane, Washington. She already had a nice logo and website but found she was getting inquiries from some people who weren't a good fit or didn't understand exactly how she could help them. She wanted to attract more ideal clients. She is also working on building her personal brand around her child behavior expertise.

Branding Photography

Leslie wanted a large library of photos she could use on her website to communicate how she helps kids and parents in a friendly and non scary way. She is also using the photos in all visuals online and in print use to promote her service and her teaching / expertise building.


Storytelling Video

We also decided a storytelling video would be beneficial to show on her website. This gives potential clients a glimpse at what her personality is like and how her service and expertise are different. She highlights the results she gets for people. We shot the video the same day as the photoshoot, which saves time and money. Watch the video below.



TedEx Video

I later created some video clips for Leslie's TedEx talk on Praise, one of which you can see at the top of this page. This is part of Leslie's strategy to build her authority and personal brand. She decided to use video clips to illustrate her points instead of slides to really stand out from the other speakers and because seeing the actions she describes is the best way to understand them.

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