Branding for Dancing Dimples Children's Clothing Boutique

branding branding portfolio case studies Mar 05, 2023
Logo design for Dancing Dimples Children's boutique on a clothing tag, designed by WorkStory Creative

We created a branding package for Dancing Dimples, a children's clothing boutique in San Antonio, Texas. The owner wanted a brand identity that felt whimsical, energetic, fun and high end. The inspiration for the brand was her own three adorable children and her love for dressing them in comfortable, cute, quality clothing.

Rather than including an icon with the logo, we opted for a font based "logo type" that communicates the personality of the brand. You'll notice the lettering seems to "dance" on the page. This is the result of expertly choosing, arranging and manipulating the typography. There's more to creating a logo type than just typing words on to the page. 


Signage for a brick and mortar store is super important, especially if you rely on walk-in traffic. Signage is also expensive so it's best to carefully consider how your logo will look on your signs and how to make them as impactful as possible. 


When designing a brand identity for a clothing line, it's important to make sure it will be legible on textiles, paper and screens, and at various sizes from 1 inch on tags to a giant scale on billboards or trade show booths. I kept this in mind while choosing the line weight of the fonts and the brand colors.


Pink and blue are often used in children's brands but we wanted it to feel more modern than the typical pastel baby blue and pink. A hotter pink, turquoise and navy are an updated take on the pink and blue color scheme. 


If you have young children would you feel compelled to walk into this store?


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