Personal Branding Photography + Video


Elevate your brand image with storytelling photos that sell


Personal Branding Photography includes professional-quality lifestyle photos that are strategically designed to help SELL your service, product or influence.

I don’t just show up ready to take pretty pictures, I meet with you beforehand and help you devise a strategy for creating the right kind of photos that will communicate a message that resonates and connects with your ideal clients.

More than a photoshoot, it’s a powerful brand strategy combined with an intentional image asset production.  Considering things like the psychology of body language and facial expression, lighting, what to wear, the story being told in the background and perceived value, you benefit from my lifetime of acquired branding and marketing expertise.

Most importantly, I make you look and feel amazing! It’s a major confidence boosting experience!

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Branding photography may be included in your branding package or purchased in one of the following photography only packages.


The Influencer


  • Strategy meeting
  • Wardrobe consultation
  • Up to 5-hour session in multiple locations
  • All the photos (100s)
  • Retouching on 5 "hero" photos

The WorkStory


Most Popular

  • Strategy meeting
  • Wardrobe consultation
  • Up to 4-hour session
  • Multiple locations
  • 30 retouched photos

The Launch


  • Strategy call
  • 90-minute session
  • One location
  • 9 retouched photos


You can't afford to keep using generic stock photography if you're building a personal brand or local service based business. It's time to get your face in front of the camera. I'll help you look your best!

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Video Production 


Telling Your Story with Video 


If you're not using video in your business marketing and advertising, you're seriously missing out.

Once my clients have a solid branding foundation and high-quality photos to use for their visual communications, video is often the next step for taking your messaging to a whole new level. My team produces, writes, films and edits client storytelling short films and clips for video ads, your website and online advertising funnels.

Whether you know exactly what you want or just have an idea, I can help you craft story telling videos that SELL your product or service.

Video Examples 

More Video Examples

Video Add-on


  • Add a storytelling video to any photography session
  • Must be filmed the same day and location as the photoshoot

Storytelling Video


  • Strategy meeting
  • Script writing
  • Wardrobe consultation
  • Up to 2 hour filming session on location
  • One one to  three-minute finished video or five 30-second spots

Video Series


Series of videos perfect for...

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Online course material
  • and more


Video projects require a lot of planning and preparation. Finding a location, booking models, deciding what to wear and what to say can all be overwhelming. I guide you through the entire process toward a successful outcome so you can get your story out there and start selling.

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100 Ways to Build Your Business

With Custom Photography

Custom photography is the most versatile and valuable brand asset you could have. You’ll get a massive return on your investment in branding photography if you use your photos in just a few ways listed in this free resource.

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