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branding photography case studies video Oct 30, 2021

Jody Moore is a life coach with a monthly membership coaching program. She hired WorkStory to create a set of branding images for use on her website, social media, ads and other materials as she was gearing up for massive growth in her business. 

We also produced a series of training videos for her membership. 


Video Production

My team created some instructional videos for Jody's coaching program. See the snippet from a longer 30 minute videos above for an example.


Branding Photography

Below an example of how Jody's coaching company utilized the photos on their website and Instagram. They are also used in Facebook ads, social media posts and course materials.

Below is a selection of images from her photoshoot, which took place at her home. She wore outfits that match her brand colors.


My interview with Jody Moore — How to Love the Way You Look In Photos

If you struggle to feel comfortable in front of the camera or "hate" the way you look in photographs, you'll love the video interview I did with Jody in 2020. Watch it here:

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