Why Prospects Are Saying You're 'Too Expensive'

branding pricing Mar 05, 2022

One of the biggest problems service providers bring up in my WorkStory Facebook Group is that the main objection they get about their services is that it's too expensive. 


The knee jerk reaction to this objection is to lower your price. But as a one-on-one service provider who can only serve a finite amount of people, you just can't afford to do that! You're not Wal-mart selling a massive amount of products you acquire at wholesale prices.


So, what can you do?


In this video I outline 4 reasons why you're likely getting the "You're too expensive" objection and what you can do about it.


They are:


1. You're marketing to the wrong audience

2. You aren't effectively communicating the value of your offer

3. You're not charging enough. You need to raise your prices.

4. Your "branding" is communicating that you're not a high value service


Watch the video for more details.




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