The Scent of Your Brand

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scent of your brand


I walked into Barnes & Noble the other day and when I came through the front doors I stopped and took a deep breath. I love the smell of that store. It doesn’t just smell like coffee. It smells like paper and ink and coffee. No matter which Barnes & Noble you go to in any part of the world, it smells the same. No other store has that scent. It’s part of their brand.


Yes, scent can be part of your brand. Even if you don’t have a brick and mortar store, the scent is something to think about. More about that later.


Smell is a powerful sense that can trigger memories, emotions and even actions. Big brands know this and use it to their advantage. Real estate agents often throw cookie dough in the oven at an open house. Why? It brings up memories of a cozy home for many people.


Home Depot, Burger King, Whole Foods, all have a distinctive smell. What other brands can you think of that bring to mind a distinctive scent and how you feel when you smell it. Does it make you want to go there and spend your money?


If you have a brick and mortar store, I urge you to assess your space. Does it smell pleasant? Or musty, old or of your employees lunch they just ran through the microwave? If you’re using air fresheners, are they too strong? 


How are you engaging the senses of your customers? In addition to scent, lighting, sound and tactile textures can all add to the pleasant experience of shopping at your store or receiving a service from you.


If you don’t have a physical location, you can still think about the scent of your brand. This can be part of a brand strategy defining exercise to guide the style of the identity and content for your online-brand.


Example 1: 


Let’s say you have an online store for outdoorsy men. Even though there’s no physical store, imagine what scents your customer might be drawn to. Cedar, soil, early morning crisp air, the smell of the forest after rain. Can you see how these scents could direct the look and feel of the brand? 


Example 2:


Maybe you’re a coach offering a very expensive program for women CEOs. They may gravitate towards a popular perfume like Chanel No5. Even though they can’t smell you through zoom, the image of that scent can help direct the visuals and tone of voice for any brand assets you create.


If you are developing your personal brand and show up in person as a speaker or other service, you can choose a signature perfume that can become part of your brand.


So, what would be the scent of your brand?


If you’re not sure, a brand strategist and designer can help. Book a 15 minute call with me to see if we’d be a good fit to work together to develop your brand.

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