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Telerad Connect logo designed by WorkStory Creative

Ryan Frank started his Tele Radiology Business as a side hustle a few years ago. In 2022 he was finally ready to quit his job and work full time in his growing business and wanted to launch it out to the world in a professional way.

During his BrandStorm Session we were able to clarify who is ideal client is and what kind of messaging we should create to speak to them. We also identified how to differentiate his service from other TeleRadiology companies. His service is more 


Branding & Logo Design


The TeleRad Connect Brand look was inspired by the target audience, independently owned and operated ultrasound companies. They are mostly female run but the secondary audience is medical doctors, who are primarily male, so I chose a neutral color pallet. The colors are calming, clean and professional. Blues also seeme to be universally associated with the medical industry.

Here are some other logo options I presented for the TeleRad brand. The symbols were inspired by sonography and connections, since connecting doctors, patients and mobile imaging techs is exactly what TeleRad Connect does!

Website Design


Our focus for the website was to create an appealing, clean look that's easy to navigate and appeals to ultrasound business owners. I chose stock photography (yes, sometimes there's a time and place to use it!) that shows sonographers and doctors in action, match the brand colors.


The messaging was written with online searchable keywords in mind for basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and to speak to the unique client TeleRad Connect services. They are a boutique TeleRad company that caters to small ultrasound businesses and connects them with doctors who can read their reports. The one-on-one connections are the focus of their service.

Take a look at the home page below and visit their actual website at 




It had been years since Ryan had a new headshot so we included a simple headshot session in his WorkStory Package. It's included on the About page with his bio and he'll use it on all his social media profiles. We made sure to direct him to wear clothing that matches his brand and I actually shot it on a grey background, which was changed to match the brand!


I'm excited to see how TeleRad Connect grows. Ryan has some big goals and I have no doubt he'll accomplish them. He now has the foundation of a brand that will be around and relevant for years to come, plus a website that's designed to grow with the company.

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