Branding & Website Design for Rejuvenate Rx

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Branding and Website design for medical spa

Rejuvenate Rx is a medical spa that has been in business in Spokane, WA now for 10 years! They have a beautiful location and have built a reputation for being one of the premier places for SkinCare in the inland northwest. 

When they were a startup way back when, Lucinda Kay, communications consultant, contacted me for help with designing the logo. She sketched out a concept on a napkin and I made it come to life!

Through the years their logo has remained relevant and I've helped them shape their brand identity with branding photography, videos, social media templates and a website design that is easily maintained by their staff. I've been so proud to watch their business grow and thrive. 


Branding & Logo Design


Our focus for the branding design for this skincare focused medical spa was a feminine vibe, soft and calming colors, professional and high end. This is a mockup of a lobby, not their actual office. They recently moved into a new space and it's incredibly gorgeous. 


Website Design


We designed their website in SquareSpace, which is what I recommend for all of my clients unless they're offering online courses. It's easy to customize yourself so you don't have hire me to add or change little things here and there. Check out their website at


Social Media Consulting & Templates


In the early days of their business, social media was just taking off as a way to market your service based business. The front desk girls at the spa were managing it and there was no cohesive look or plan. Rejuvenate Rx hired me to create some social media templates in Canva so their team could easily create posts that looked cohesive, on brand and eye catching. They've been totally rocking it ever since! Check out their instagram 


Graphic Design


We've designed dozens of assets for Rejuvenate Rx through the years, from business cards to window signage and event graphics. Their team has since taken over designing for them, using Canva and the brand style guide rules we created for them. This is always the goal I have for my clients. Get your brand and website professionally designed and then hand off the ongoing work to an assistant, marketing manager or even yourself if you're a solopreneur. 


Branding Photography


From the beginning this smart company new that photos of their service providers, sporting absolutely gorgeous skin, was going to be important for their brand image. This is the main premise of our business at WorkStory, so of course we agree. I'm so grateful to Rejuvenate Rx for being one of my first branding photography clients 10 years ago. I've been able to grow my business along side them and it's been a wild ride! Thanks ladies (and Chris!)

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