How to Massively Increase Productivity in Your Business

interviews Dec 24, 2021

Neill Williams, certified Master Life Coach and entrepreneur, is the PRODUCTIVITY GURU! She is my business coach and also a favorite personal branding photography client in Spokane.


When Neill first contacted me via email to do a photoshoot I took a look at her website to get to know more about her business. Neill isn’t a common woman’s name so I just assumed that Neill was a male.


On Neill’s website there were no pictures of her, no headshots or indication of who Neill was. The human brain is judgmental (or assuming, if that is a better word). It is so important to have pictures on your websites so the judgments people are going to make about you and your business are POSITIVE judgments, or at least ACCURATE!


At first Neill did a mini branding photography shoot and later hired me to do an extensive photoshoot for her. She still uses some of the original photos (the cover photo on her podcast is one of them). Now if you go to Neill’s website, you know exactly who she is, a glimpse into her personality and what to expect from working with her.


Look at her Instagram feed, featuring photography from her personal branding photography shoot with WorkStory! Neill uses her photos in a way that makes every aspect of her content branded and cohesive! Having this library of photos also makes it incredibly easy for her to hand off the task of social media management to her team, which saves her loads of time, by the way.




3 Tips for Getting More Done While Working Less


Now back to Productivity! Here are three tips from Neill on how to get more done while working less.

  1. Decide how many hours you want to work and then fill in the hours with your To-Do’s. Don’t base your work hours off of your To-Do’s
  2. Decide what you will complete in those hours – Carve out your free time (family time, personal time). Then decide what is most important to be completed this week. Think about the purpose behind the things you are doing in your hours.  Is the activity you are doing valuable? The highest value producing tasks need to be first (ex. producing a podcast will produce more value to the world than answering emails).  How can you make your business the most simple and effective business possible?
  3. Use your time to create VALUABLE revenue producing work. If what you are producing is not producing revenue, then why are you using your valuable time to do it? Charge what your service is worth! If you can do something in 1 hour what someone else could do in 5 hours, then why can’t you charge more?


Do you need help getting more done in less time?

There are a few ways to learn more from Neill. 

  1. Listen to her podcast: Unbusy Your Life.
  2. Sign up for her group coaching program at 
  3. Follow her on Instagram: @neillwilliamscoach

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