Do you really need a logo?

branding Mar 06, 2022


I often see people posting on social media or announcing in networking groups that they've started a business or bought a business or are revamping their business and are looking for someone to create a logo for them. 


What I don't think they realize is they need a brand identity, not a logo. So what's the difference? 


A brand image is made up of so much more than a logo. In fact, the logo is the last thing I create when designing a brand identity. 


Some brands don't even need a logo. If you're building a personal brand, for example, professional, eye catching, memorable photos of your face are more important than a symbol representing you. YOU are your logo.


Of course it makes sense for some businesses to have a logo. 


Watch the video answering the question "do you really need a logo" to find out what's right for you.


Of course, if you're not sure, or truly do need a logo (and brand identity design to go with it) click on the button below to schedule a quick call to see if I'm a good fit to help you.

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