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Happiness Hives is the brain child of Cyndi Rai and her decades of experience as a holistic healer, yoga instructor and nutritionist. She wanted to create an online membership where she could reach more people and teach them how to create an in-person community of happiness, health, connection and purpose. 

Members learn how to create a healthy mind and body, a community of support and a purposeful life.

When Cyndi and I met to discuss her idea, she wasn't sure on the details but she had a vision. Through her BrandStorm™ session I was able to help her gain clarity and solidify a plan for what her membership would include, who it would serve and how it should be organized.

We also determined which assets she would need me to create. Below is an overview of the outcome. 



I always start the branding process with WORDS. These words are pulled from your BrandStorm™ Brief and become the foundation for everything created for your brand moving forward.

After key words and phrases are determined, I put together a brand inspiration board. In Cyndi's case, her new Happiness Hives brand needed to feel congruent with her 7 Roots Life brand, which is a line of products and intellectual property. The colors, photographic style and logo design were created to reflect the words and "vibe" she wanted to communicate to her target audience.


Logo Design

The Happiness Hives logo represents a tight knit group of women who form a community to support their healthy living and happiness. I wanted to avoid images of an actual "hive" so people wouldn't think she's selling bees or honey at first glance. The colors were chosen to represent happiness, energy, peace and calm. It's designed to appeal to modern women who have disposable income and regularly invest in their health.



Website Design

I recommended Cyndi's website be designed on the Kajabi platform, since an online membership was a main part of the site. Kajabi is an all-in-one place for courses, memberships, website, video hosting, blogging, marketing funnels and email marketing. I love it! 

Not only did Cyndi want to include her membership on her website, but she also wanted to promote her in-person events and sell her detox tea and ceremonial cacao. I found a way to organize it neatly in a user friendly way with design elements that perfectly reflect the new brand. She was thrilled!

Below are just a few screenshots from the site. Check out the whole thing at



Copy Writing

One element many website designers fail to provide is visual and written assets for the site! Anyone can create a website using free templates these days. It's the actual content that's important and most difficult to get right. I wrote all the copy (text) for every page of the website, based on what we discussed during the BrandStorm™ Session

All the copy is designed to speak to the target audience, address their problems,  offer a solution and drive them to take action to sign up for a class, buy a product or join the hive.


Membership Portal

An online membership has a lot of bits and pieces to connect to be set up properly. I take all the guess work and frustration out of it by setting it up for you. In fact, you won't even know how difficult it is unless you try it and giving up before hiring me, LOL.



Branding Photography

We had already done a branding photography shoot for Cyndi before she came to me for branding and website design, which was so helpful because we had all of these amazing photos to choose from for her site! 

In general I do not recommend you have a branding photography shoot before your brand is fleshed out, because you want the photos to be congruent with the brand and to communicate all those words we create during your BrandStorm. Plus, not every photography has an extensive background in branding and marketing, including the psychology of body language, facial expression, color and iconography.

Below are just a few photos from Cyndi's branding photography session in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.


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