The Easiest Clients to Book

marketing Jan 15, 2022


Is your business at a standstill? Are you trying to transition into a new market?  In this video I walk you through an easy way to book clients NOW. Without any fancy funnels or ads. Just your greatest asset, your network!

If you don’t have a list of past clients, then you will need to do some basic list building. If you’re a branding photographer, join me in my course Branding Photography Business Course and I will share with you ALL of the secrets to building an extraordinary  Branding Photography contact list. I also cover how to market more effectively and how to create a plan and workflow-strategy.

Starting Point – Warm Market Outreach


Do you know someone in your family, a friend, or previous client that owns or knows someone that owns a business? Find out their challenges and ASK if you can help! 

Start with a Coffee Chat Email; just an introduction and quick question like, “What is your biggest challenge while managing your social media?” Or, "It's been awhile since we caught up. How are things going?" Get that conversation started about the services you provide, get to know them and then ask if they will please email you back with an answer. 

That is all it takes! You'll be surprised how well this works. The biggest hurdle to get over will be your thoughts, judgements and fears about contacting people. Just do it!

Are you ready for your brand makeover? 

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