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branding design for blissful birth support shown on a website computer mockup

Tyeanna Johnson is a doula and birth educator in Southwest Texas. She had started her business after becoming a certified birth educator, but didn't have any branding defined. She was struggling to know what to post on social media or how to create a website. She wasn't even sure what to call her business or exactly what to offer her clients.

Naming the Brand

We brainstormed and "tried on" dozens of names. None of them seemed to be just right. We were struggling to decide if she should call herself a doula exclusively or an educator or something else? She wanted to leave room for growth in case she decides to pursue midwifery, selling products or some other birth related offering at some point. So we settled on "birth support" and Blissful was a synonym for joy, peace and other positive emotions that came up in her BrandStorm Session.


Branding and Logo Design


The Blissful Birth Support logo was inspired by the round, curvy shape of a pregnant woman and babies. I chose a font that feels a little playful and juvenile. The heart adds some interest and a little flair. The color palette is soft and warm. All imagery used with the brand is to communicate warmth, trust, safety, love and comfort with colors that are harmonious with the branding.

I created some icons and patterns that can be used as supporting graphic elements. Having some graphic elements that are specific to your brand can make it more personalized, unique and recognizable. 

Client gifts and swag can be an effective way to make your clients feel special. Tyeanna also offers events and retreats for women and having some fun branded swag to promote herself is a smart choice.


DIY Website


Tyeanna was able to design her own website after she received her branding guidelines, logo and graphic element files. It's so much easier to make decisions about graphics when you've got the foundational elements defined and designed.


Social Media Before & After Branding


Tyeanna told me that one of the most impactful benefits of having her branding done is creating graphics for social media, posters, ads and anything else is so much easier and faster. Plus, it just looks good and makes her and her potential clients know she has a real, professional, legitimate business! Check out the difference between her Instagram when she was totally winging it, before branding, and AFTER branding. Amazing difference!


Instagram Before:


Instagram After:


Blissful Birth Support continues to grow in support of their mission to help women and families approach birth with empowerment and peace. I'm excited to see where the business goes and I was very proud to create the visual representation of the brand.

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