B.I.R.D.S: My Process for Busting Limiting Beliefs

mindset Mar 06, 2022

I've been self employed since 2006 and, aside from being a parent, it's been the most wild roller coaster of a ride. In addition to having the opportunity to use my skills to serve people, and help them succeed, being a business owner has been a conduit for examining and improving my own character, habits, beliefs and abilities.


I've accomplished things I never thought I could do. Much of this has come about through a lot of mental work to change what I believed was possible.


Discovering beliefs that are holding you back from moving forward in any area of your life can be eye opening. And perplexing. 


I used to think the circumstances of my life, my thoughts, beliefs and experiences were facts and truths. But it turns out many of those things were  just my perspective, or even made up stories used as a coping mechanism from past trauma or simply engrained beliefs from never having experienced or being exposed to an alternative. 


I'm still discovering limiting beliefs that hold me back from getting to where I want to be, even if that's just doing nothing without feeling any guilt or shame (seriously!). 


So, how does one make these mindset shifts? 


I've developed a process that has worked well for me. It's a combination of techniques and practices I've learned from several different sources, including The Work of Byron Katie, The Landmark Forum, Brooke Castillo, Gary John Bishop, yoga and mindfulness meditation. Also, books like Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and many coaches who have helped me learn and utilize these tools.


My mindset shift process is called B.I.R.D.S., which stands for Belief, Inquiry, Responsibility, Do the Work and Share it.


I share more detail in the video above. 


I'll be taking a deeper dive into how to bust through beliefs that are holding you back from succeeding in your business in my upcoming program 6 Steps to Scale Your Business. It's a 12 month program to help you gain more confidence, increase your revenue and scale your micro business beyond one-on-one services. 


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