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How We're Different

The traditional branding agency model has a long drawn out process for creating your brand, website and visual assets, which may delay the launch and growth of your business by months (or even a year!)

Our unique process is different. We only take on one client at a time, making you and your brand our only priority. We do the creative ground work for your entire brand before meeting up for a 1 to 3 day intensive to finalize everything and launch! So you can start selling and growing now.

And it all starts with a WorkStory BrandStorm...

Step 1: Start with a BrandStorm

Whether you need storytelling photos and videos that pre-sell your services for an existing brand, or a total brand overhaul, the entire process starts with the WorkStory BrandStorm.

In this deep dive analysis I ask you questions to lay everything out on the table. I help you get clarity on what to offer, how to offer it and how much to charge for it so you're profitable.  
Afterwards I take everything we discovered in the BrandStorm and create an in-depth plan for you, including key messaging, website site map and marketing recommendations. I lay out a plan for how to show and tell your authentic story so you can sell it effortlessly to your ideal clients. The brief will also include a detailed outline of the costs for me to implement the plan. 
The BrandStorm brief is hugely valuable on its own, whether you decide to move on to the WorkStory Creative™ Intensive or not, but when you do, the cost of the BrandStorm ($597) is applied to your package. 
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“Tanya is such a pleasure to work with. Her initial WorkStory BrandStorm helped me solidify my business goals and provided clarity in my message. I knew that she would give my marketing the edge that it needed, so I moved forward with the Brand Basics Package. From the very start she supported my vision to further my business goals. I highly recommend working with WorkStory!”


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Step 2: WorkStory Creative Intensive Retreat

After your BrandStorm interview reveals what makes you and your brand special, we’ll take all the information gathered and create a WorkStory package that will help you attract (and book) those high paying clients! 

Then your entire brand image is finalized in a 1 to 3 day intensive. Depending on your package, we'll do the intensive via video chat or choose a location for your intensive in the Spokane, Washington area that is fitting for your brand. It could be a cozy vacation rental, luxury hotel or co-working space. This allows you to get away from life's distractions so we can get it all done!

Everything from developing your strategy & message, visual assets like logos, photography, videos and graphics to designing and building your website, so you can get out there and start selling immediately.

Curious if a WorkStory Intensive is for you?

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