Effortlessly create professional branding materials so you can attract ideal clients, simplify marketing and scale your business

without spending $1000's on a designer...

Create an impactful brand without the fear of making a wrong choice. No more frustration over wasted time and energy on endless font, color and template options. You can brand your coaching business yourself with the Brand Your Biz Kit™!

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In just a few hours you'll have a finished brand style guide, including a custom logo, icons, fonts and colors. Here's how!

Construct Your Brand Character Exercise

You'll quickly and easily construct a visual and emotional picture of the essence of your brand with this unique process. This will serve as a tangible inspiration point for creating your brand assets.

Brilliant Brand Design Process

This is where the magic happens. I'll guide you through how to design a logo, choose colors, fonts, a photographic style and other critical elements that are perfect for your brand. You won't have to second guess because you'll have the foundational "why" taken care of in the previous two steps.

The Consistency Code

Consistency + Time = Brand Recognition. I'll teach you how to create brand "rules" for consistency, a style guide and templates you can use to make sure your brand looks and sounds cohesive, even if an assistant or marketing professional is creating graphics for you.

Brand Application Blueprint

Now that you have this beautiful brand created, what in the heck do you do with it all? You'll get a checklist with all the places and things you can update with your branding, how to customize any pre-designed template to be "on-brand" and next steps for making sure your website and any other communications properly represent your brand so you can attract more ideal customers.

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"Now creating professional looking graphics is easy!"

“Before branding it was hard to promote my business because I didn’t have clarity about my audience and offer. Everything  looked chaotic and jumbled with no direction or specific purpose.

I would spend 3 days on a graphic and never even post it because I didn’t like it. Now I can create one in 10 minutes and love how it looks. Now my brand is like a living thing with a defined character and personality.

Now, when people see my posts and flyers they know I’m a professional and they clearly understand what I offer. They trust I know what I’m doing and feel confident referring their friends to me.”

–Tyeanna Johnson, Doula and Birth Educator, Blissful Birth Support

Your Brand Could Look as Amazing as This!

Or This!

Or Even This!


Easy to follow, short video modules will walk you through each step of the process of creating your branding in Canva, a free design program.


Are you a checklist person like me? Good. You get worksheets with key points and exercises so you don't have to furiously take notes. And a checklist of things you need to do so you can stay on track.


Since you are probably not a designer, I will give you some starting point templates you can choose and customize based on your brand character type. Don't worry, I'll teach you how to make sure your brand doesn't look like everyone else, even when you use templates.


Not sure what to name your business? Should you go with a personal brand or something else? Is your name idea boring or already taken? I'll walk you through my step-by-step process for choosing a business name that resonates with your audience, as well as legal and logistical things to consider when choosing a name. 


You've created this amazing brand, now what?! This module covers multiple ideas for how to spread the word about your shiny new brand! 


We love to promote awesome entrepreneurs like you, so, when your brand is finished, we'll shout it out to our social media and email network of 1000's of influential contacts. That is work 10x the price of the Brand Your Biz Kit™ right there! 

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About Your Mentor, Tanya Goodall Smith

During my 20+ year career as a graphic designer and branding photographer, I have worked with high end fashion, boutique and luxury service brands around the world, as well as hundreds of local small businesses and coaches.

As the owner of a full service branding agency, WorkStory Creative, I help professionals build authority to raise perceived value & easily attract high end clients through authentic & beautiful brand storytelling.

I can't wait to help you along this journey of growth in your business by crafting a brand that's unique to you. Let's do this! 

The Brand Your Biz Kit™


For a custom brand that gets results without spending $1000's

  • Define your brand style with the Construct Your Character Exercise

  • Design a brand that looks legit with the Brilliant Brand Design Process

  •  Create brand recognizability with the Consistency Code 

  • Know exactly how to use your brand assets with the Brand Application Blueprint

  • Learn how to finally choose a killer name for your business

  • Ideas for crafting a plan for launching your new brand with a bang
  • Promotion of your new brand to our network of 1000's


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