Personal Branding has become somewhat of a buzz phrase lately. Are you seeing it all over the place and asking yourself, “What is personal branding? Do I need a personal brand?” The truth is, if you’re a human being, you already have a personal brand. It’s just a fancy word for your reputation. The cool thing is, there are specific things you can do to mold and shape it to your advantage.

Personal branding is like high school all over again (Lord help us all, right????!) What were you known for in school? Were you the prom queen? A band nerd? Jock? Teacher’s pet? What actions did you take, how did you dress, how did you speak and who did you sit with at lunch to earn that reputation? Do you think you could have changed your place within that social structure by changing how you were perceived? Absolutely!

My last day of high school, 1998

Now, let’s look at your reputation today. What are you known for? How are you perceived as being? We’re putting so much out into the world about ourselves these days that our reputations can potentially reach far beyond our local social circles. It’s easier than ever before to brand yourself as whatever you want to be in order to advance in your career, build a business or expand your influence. If you’re not deliberately creating a personal brand that is leading you toward your goals then you’re missing out!

Who should consciously build a strong personal brand?

Jolene Fisher, lifestyle coach, mentor and educator at No Bad Days ( has been steadily building a strong personal brand with professional photography and messaging on social media, through speaking engagements and community involvement.

If you’re an entrepreneur, direct sales associate, real estate agent, business coach, health coach, life coach, speaker, author, service provider, influencer or public figure you should definitely be paying attention to your personal brand. The more well known you are as the expert in your field, the more sought after you will become, the higher price you can charge and the more likely you’ll be attracting your favorite type of client.

It’s also super important these days for those who “just” have a job to carefully consider your reputation, as it’s becoming more and more rare to simply work at the same company for 30 years like our grandparents did. If you build a brand around your strengths and become known as an expert in whatever it is you do, you’ll have the potential to be highly sought after in your field. Imagine never having to worry about applying for another job again because companies are coming to you and begging you to work for them? Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

It’s a popularity contest and everyone’s in the running. The amazing thing is, with the whole world as our high school, we don’t have to worry about not fitting in. There’s a tribe for everyone and in truth, we’d rather hang out with our fellow band nerds if we’re not jocks, right????

Once you find your tribe, everything will start to fall into place…

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