How to Price Your Luxury Services Mini Workshop

If you are hustling daily with your one-on-one services and still not making ends meet, struggle to know how much to charge or feel like you're not being compensated enough for your high touch service, even though people complain your price is too high, this workshop is for you!

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In this two-part online workshop you'll learn...

  • How to overcome mental blocks keeping you from charging a high price, so you can confidently sell your luxury services.
  • How to identify the target market who needs, wants and will pay for your luxury services so you can easily and effortlessly close high end sales.
  • Foundations of a luxury brand image (and why it's vital to attracting high end clients).
  • How to calculate your pricing for sustainability, profit and brand positioning so you don't have to keep hustling toward burnout.
  • The psychology of pricing and why people buy
  • Different pricing models and which is right for your business (including licensing for creatives)

About Your Instructor

During her 20+ year career as a graphic designer and branding photographer, Tanya Goodall Smith has worked with high end fashion, boutique and luxury service brands around the world.

As the owner of a full service branding agency, WorkStory Creative, she helps professionals build authority to raise perceived value & easily attract high end clients through authentic & beautiful brand storytelling.

She's also the founder of The Branding Photographers Directory, which helps businesses around the world find a specialty photographer for their brand.

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