Once you’ve defined your personal brand, attracting your ideal client who values your product or service will become much easier, but it will take some strategic actions on your part. This is where a brand strategy comes in handy.

What’s a Brand Strategy?

A brand strategy is simply a plan for positioning you and your brand in front of your target market in order to ensure the brand’s success. A well defined and executed brand strategy is vital to the success of your business. Every brand is different, but there are certain basic strategies you can implement to make sure you’re meeting your customers needs, appealing to their emotions and standing out from your competition.


A personal brand strategy could be as simple as making sure your personal style is clearly defined to appeal to your target market and you’re styled in that way wherever you go and in whatever images or videos you’re putting out there. Of course this can extend to how you speak, how you treat others, what kind of design is used in any printed or online visual communications you present. Where do you go to meet potential customers? At what price point is your product or service? All of these considerations and more will help point your brand toward your target customer and can all be considered as part of your branding strategy.

Why Do I Need a Brand Strategy?

Without a brand strategy, you have no way to track and measure whether or not your branding efforts are actually working. Do you even know what kind of customer you’re trying to attract? Without having that defined, you’re shooting in the dark trying to reach anybody who will listen and that can end up taking a lot of time, energy and resources that may or may not even work! When you have a clearly defined brand and target market and then a well thought out strategy for how to reach those ideal customers, you’re much more likely to get results from implementing the strategy with much less effort.


Targeted action = better results with less effort. That’s what we all want, right? Having a brand strategy makes it easier for us to decide whether or not some new marketing or branding fad is worth our time and effort. Should you invest in a ton of swag with your logo on it? Drop thousands on a website or social media ad campaign? Buy ad space at the movie theater? Get Botox? The answer all depends on how you want your brand to be perceived, what kind of budget you are willing and able to spend and whether or not your ideal customer is going to be attracted to the vibe you’re putting out there. Remember, if you are looking for a Gucci customer but your brand looks like Walmart, there’s simply not going to be any connection there. Your brand need Gucci type strategies, which are much different from those used by discount brands.


In my next post we’ll cover some specifics on how your brand strategy can attract or repel certain potential clients and why. It’s going to be awesome! Stay tuned.

Who is Tanya Goodall Smith?


With two decades of development and design experience for brands like HP, GUESS and Microsoft, Tanya Smith is on a mission to bring a sophisticated marketing edge to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and personal brands.

Owner of WorkStory, Tanya is a Branding Expert who works with organizations and individuals nationwide who want to massively increase their visibility in a crowded marketplace and be consistently sought after by the very best clients. Authentic story telling through photography, video and simple but powerful communications is her forté.

Tanya is on the board of the Inland Northwest Chapter of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners), honored as an award winning package designer by the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors and a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. She is also a highly sought after published author, speaker and teacher, credited with over 100 industry magazine articles, podcast interviews and in-person speaking engagements.

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