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branding and website design for professional organizer

Owner Ginger McCandles contacted me when she was ready to start her professional organizing business. She wanted to do it right and launch with a professional brand and website in place. But she wasn't even sure what to call the business! We helped her come up with a name, design a logo, design and website and create some professional branding photos. We also set up her Google Business Profile. Now when people in the Spokane area are looking for a professional organizer, they'll land on her information and know right away she's a professional who means business. 

Choosing a Brand Name

Ginger and I worked together to brainstorm some brand name for her professional organizing business. We came up with some really good names options that communicated her specialty of organizing and light remodeling projects for people moving in or out, downsizing their home or decluttering. But many of them were already in use. This is a challenge most businesses who come to me face. So, we had to get creative and eventually landed on SmartSpace Organizing. 

The Brand Design

I always start my brand design with an inspiration board. I gather photos, colors and fonts that feel like a match. The logo is the last thing I design for the brand.

Inspiration for the SmartSpace Organizing logo came from the keywords I gleaned from the outcome of our BrandStorm Session with Ginger, including the following concepts:

  • Modern
  • Spaces
  • Boxes / Containers
  • Organized
  • Clean
  • High End
  • Feminine but could appeal to anyone

The abstract shapes of the icon represent boxes, closets, rooms, etc. I chose a color pallet that feels modern, clean and soft. and a photographic style to match.


Here are the other logo options I presented to Ginger. Any of these would work with her brand style and communicate the same concepts, so all she had to do was choose one and she couldn't go wrong! I don't allow my client to post on social media to ask which one people like best. If you need the opinion and approval of a partner on your branding, they must attend our approval meeting. I encourage my clients to go with their gut, and trust their judgement. Choose the one you like! Which one do you like best?

Website Design

For a professional organizer, we wanted her website to look clean, organized and easy to navigate. We used her brand colors, fonts and photos in the style we defined to maintain brand consistency. I wrote the copy for the website based on the concepts and wording we established in the BrandStorm Brief. She didn't have to do a thing to get the website done. I took care of it all! And she loved it. I think we changed one or two words during our approval session and it was ready to launch!


Branding Photography 

Since Ginger is the person who will be coming into people's homes to organize for them, it was very important she have good professional photos to foster trust with her potential clients before they even contacted her! We wanted to communicate that she's friendly, professional and approachable, and serves a higher end client. Since she was just getting started in her business, we opted to do a mini photography session just to get her started for her website. She can do a larger branding photography session later for social media if she decides to use it in her marketing strategy.

As Ginger grows her professional organizing business in Spokane, she won't have to worry about looking professional or clearly communicating how she helps her clients. She can send people to her website for details and rest assured those who find her through an online search will feel confident contacting her.


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