5 Keys to Creating an Authentic Personal Brand

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The purpose of building a personal brand is to build trust and authority with an audience in order to sell something at some point. Humans can smell a fake from a mile away so it’s important to be authentic in the way you present yourself and communicate what your personal brand is all about.


Here are 5 Keys to Creating an Authentic Personal Brand


Put your best foot forward

Being authentic doesn’t mean you have to “air your dirty laundry”, as your mother might say. You can be truthful, open and inspiring to others about your struggles without showing them the ugly parts of your life, unless that’s part of your brand strategy. Make sure what you’re sharing about you is relevant to your audience and the problem you solve for them. Share parts of your life that will help them connect with you.


Be You

Don’t try to copy another influencer. Even though you may offer a similar product or message, bring your own personal story, solution, voice and style to the table. You’ll attract the right people you need to serve and be more effective when you’re not trying to copy someone else. Remember, people can sense a fake and they also recognize copy cats.


Have Strong Opinions

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. If you’re worried about what everyone will think of you, and try to cater to them all, you’re weakening your message. The strongest leaders have a solid stance for a cause, even when many people oppose them. Why? Hopefully because they really believe in what they’re fighting for, but also because they know by repelling some people, they’re attracting the right people. Haters gonna hate and that’s ok!


Don’t Wait

Have the courage to put yourself out there now, as you are in this very moment. Don’t wait until you feel ready, lose weight or get invited to share your message in a big way. Take action now. Playing small won’t help you build your brand and isn't authentic to the real, best self YOU. You have value to offer the world. Stop hiding it under a bushel.


Look the Part

We talked about fakes and copycats. Now let’s talk about amateurs. If you’ve got a killer offering, are the best at what you do and are putting yourself out there, but your brand identity is a mess, that will be off-putting. 


When customers come looking for the Mercedes dealership but you look like a used car lot, they won’t even walk in (or inquire, if you’re online).


First impressions are everything and it’s highly likely the first impression many are getting of you is how you present yourself online.


You could be losing business, speaking gigs or book deals if your personal style, photos, text, website, graphics, messaging or offering do not seem professional at first glance. 


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